Dear Friends,

We began as a small team and worked relentlessly with one view in mind i.e. growth and development in every field of life. And today we have achieved one of the milestones in the shape of our “Master Automotive Service Centre” in Musaffah. It offers one of a kind services with latest technology, well trained and highly skilled staff. Our team is headed by a very disciplined and loyal, Mr. Prakash Reddy, who has put in tremendous effort to bring it together and has organized, streamlined all the operations in the Centre. Right from the General Manager to the security officers everyone has strived together to give the customer pleasant and satisfying experience.

This is one place where each car is welcome and given proper treatment, irrespective of their model and make. Under one roof, every car is repaired and maintained just like agency maintenance. I appreciate the efforts of all my staff members and we hope to continue and earn every customer’s trust and satisfaction forever.

Our Service Center

Masc Car Service Team team is very professional and has found for me the perfect car for my needs. I'll be sure to give them a call whenever I'll be needing a new set of wheels! Highly recommended!

Hilal Dar, Customer